nimic nou

ma gandeam zilele astea ca nu am mai scris nimic pe aici… Si apoi am gasit pasajul asta in Baudolino de Umberto Eco.

“…come tomorrow and I will start teaching to write because reading is one thing that costs nothing you just have to look and move your lips but if you write in a book you need paper and ink and the inkwell that alba pratalia arabat et nigrum seminabat because he always spoke Latin
and I said to him when you learn to read then you learn everything you didnt know before. But when you write you write only what you know already so patientia Im better off not knowing how to write because the ass is the ass”

3 thoughts on “nimic nou

  1. Pai atuncea, hai sa nu mai scrie nimenea nimica. Dar atunci ce o sa mai citim?

    Asta imi aduce aminte de Borges: “Mai important decât cititul este recititul. Da, dar mai înainte de a reciti, trebuie să citeşti.”

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