Hell is not hot. Hell is not cold either. Nor is it crowded, no. There are no demons in hell, only those from your mind.

Hell is darkness, and nothing else. You wake up after you died, and you are nowhere. Because there is no “where”. You don’t open your eyes because in hell you don’t have eyes; you just become, suddenly, aware. And you are in the dark. Real dark. You think you know dark? – wait until you die. Hell is darkness and awareness. You’re wide awake, you’re wide aware, but it’s dark and nothing else. The world of senses is gone, you don’t feel anything, because there is nothing to feel with, there’s nothing to be felt, because you are in a void. You are a void. A conscious void. You can’t remember feeling; you remember something, though, you remember that there is something about you that you should remember. Oh, you remember, you know how is it to be not-in-hell. You know what you are missing, you just don’t remember how; the flavors, the sounds, the colors. You remember information, but only that. “It was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen – the colors were magnificent” – you know exactly what a sunset is, you know exactly what a color is (a wavelength), but you don’t remember them. It’s just information.

You are nowhere. Hell is eternal. It’s just you and the eternity.

sunt doar eu
şi singurătatea mea,
două umbre
ce se confundă cu fundalul

And you are wide awake. You are wide aware. And you can count seconds and eons, one by one. But they never end.

3 thoughts on “hell

  1. La mine e mai rau… pierd absolut tot, fără cale de întoarcere.. şi ploaia şi copiii şi soarele şi tot… dar încă n-am murit… eu nu cad… eu nu nimic.

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